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MAD UK "semi-pro" on retake
Not related thank christ
Microsoft Intelli 1.1A - That should work without the test mode, works for EAC too
I miss socN
I don't believe this is real matt
I miss socN
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
Older players have always welcomed new talent but they have always just disappointed. The nerdrage thing is some sort of messed up world where neilm plays god getting into the head of a troubled d...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
I'm not annoyed about this or him getting picked up. I'm more annoyed about the fact people claim these are the best players that the UK has to offer, which is far from the truth. I've been close to p...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
None of the new UK teams excite me. Would like to see Rattlesnks team do well but I don't think it'll work out hence why I'm not playing there. As for the best player I'd obviously place myself there ...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
Deph has been underwhelming in every single game I've watched and it doesn't help that all his close friends here in the UK over hyped him. He's a good player sure but he isn't anywhere near to being ...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
CAZ couldn't even win a UK lan where the best UK players didn't attend so I don't know why you or others think that was the case. Deph hasn't even won a UK LAN and surreal won LANs that only noob team...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
Numerous times I've tried to make a team with less experienced players and it ends up with them quitting because they can't handle it or they claim it's not necessary. All the ones that thought it was...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
Just one of those things :p
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
Nothing about transitioning really. I've played the game throughout its course and consistently won and had the most achievements in the UK scene, unfortunately it means nothing because the scene gets...
Surreal joins compLexity on trial
All these new blood teams have folded within a month too but yeah you're probably right