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"Fighting on the internet is like running in the special Olympics, even if you win you are still retarded"
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csgo best aimer so far?
i hate it how 1.6 fans can be stubborn as fck. i won a beta key and played it for a while, now i share my account with friends of mine who want to try it. i hated it, but it wasnt easier to aim t...
if animals > humans than just go kill yourself to make the world better lawl... non sense
true story about portuguese mad fanboys
oh god /facepalm
true story about portuguese mad fanboys
well this comic is true but i lol'd harder with the neo one. the difference is, the poles have the right to do so since neo is insane and potuguese people are wrong cause fox is pretty good but not a...
cause being a badass in a disco is all that matters
k1ck vs DELTA
i hate those portuguese fanboys who only comment on k1ck matches and act like k1ck is the best team in the world when they actually need some training in order to get to top 10. just dont take them s...
Portugal after the game
dude, ronaldo is egocentric cause if u didnt notice in spain the media have been flaming him for quite a long time and since he isnt that intelligent with words he ends up giving that side of him. in...
a2g vs AliGon
+1 :(
it would be fun if u used some memes that are not that well known
best igl?
zorlak is not the best pt igl at all.
i like manne too ;D
rogga is really good, and most likely more motivated than manne or rape
Nuggi vs SK ][ FCL 2012
+1 xD
zNation vs k1ck
it's really stupid that the final will be broadcoast via stream only... well at least that's my opinion, i guess they want to gather a couple of bucks with it. gl k1ck