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Cars > Girlfriend
Cars are almost as bad of a financial decision as women. Almost.
Being smart is not a prerequisite for being elected (in fact, saying that is kind of ridiculous in the first place...), you just have to be popular. Which, technically he wasn't, he didn't even win th...
Again, Biden has a speech impediment. It doesn't make him senile, and your opinion of him is irrelevant to who he is or isn't. I care about neither candidate, but it annoys me the Democratic side is ...
They're both creepy. Have you seen Trump trying to kiss children, and his own family admitting he's practically obsessed with his own daughter? It's amazing how everyone just avoids that shit if it's ...
You know that Biden has had a stutter his whole life, right? His speech isn't cognition issues (though I agree they're both way too old).
NA Universities xD
If he is tenured it should, theoretically, take much more for him to get in trouble than something this minor. I don't have the time to do the research, but it does seem like a lot of this informatio...
NA Universities xD
Decade? Universities have been largely left-leaning for much longer than a decade...
1.6 vs GO (golden age)
Yeah, method came back with the coL roster where literally the only person on the team that pulled their weight was Volcano. Method just was not even remotely the same player, I wanted to love that ro...
1.6 vs GO (golden age)
You can't really compare good 1.6 players to good CSGO players, generally speaking the gameplay requirements don't match up comfortably (it's why a lot of good 1.6 players didn't transition well). A l...
1.6 vs GO (golden age)
fRoD was still arguably one of the top players in the world, but there were 5 years between 05/06 and 10/11. He was actually one of the few players that transitioned back to 1.6 pretty comfortably. Ze...
1.6 vs GO (golden age)
But that happened??? The division of years was never going to pit prime vs prime, but fRoD was one of the few awps that kept up with Markeloff's prime in 2010/2011. Not to say he was better, but when...
MIBR vs forZe
These are the same guys who seemed to think it was cheating that lost them matches against Chaos, rather than pure ineptitude.