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It does, you just don't understand the correlation. He's not seen as a team player, so despite being good many French teams don't want him. It's not always about pure skill.
When you play above a certain level having a teammate who actually plays with you is vastly more important than the one who can get some crazy kills but is ultimately not going to stick with you.
Staying on a roster.
Bravado vs Test Takers
Yeah man, I couldn't stand him running his mouth yet consistently making the wrong decisions. He was unbearably arrogant despite being mediocre. I would have to tune him out if I wanted to play proper...
Bravado vs Test Takers
He's a dumb shit too, if you ever had the displeasure of playing with him. He used to ring for people I knew in Source and I always wanted to drink bleach when he was the 5th.
-Fugly +tarik?
Happened one time. Once is always I guess.
80 GB game wtf
A 320 CBR MP3 is pretty damn near indistinguishable from FLAC, you have to be looking for very specific things in the mix to tell a difference. I mean, yeah the max bitrate of a CD is like 1,400 somet...
USA worst state?
A large majority of Alaska has shorter daylight than that, by a fair amount. Some parts go weeks without daylight.
Liquid Co-CEO rekt
In fairness the logo is pretty trash. And regardless of the correlation to the name, Liquid's logo is at least passable.
Where is TM?
From what I understand of it, he was a huge man-baby who acted like he was cool-as-shit online but was otherwise terribly insecure and emotional. Granted a lot of that is from the side of Curse gamin...
USA worst state?
Having known people who lived up there for a good majority of their lives, I can certainly say that it plays a very large factor in things like alcoholism and violence. Pretty much anyone I ever talk...
USA worst state?
Alaska's sun schedule is one of the biggest factors in the violence. People pretty much go crazy when they're deprived of the sun for long periods of time, which happens for 50% of the year.
s1mple or dev1ce for top 1
Holy shit no kidding. KennyS being #6 in 2014 is going to be about like s1mple getting #2 in 2018. It was a similar scenario, where everyone called them the best player in the world but they didn't g...
Dream NA team
I don't know his age, but he's more than young enough to become even better than he is now (and he's really quite good as an IGL). All of us can improve if we just want to.
Dream NA team
Your grammar is fine (I mean, my grammar in any other language is horrible). As I said, Stan's a good IGL. I think he could be a great one, possibly one of the best in the right circumstances. I ju...