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There were a number of rounds where he more or less couldn't get the frag and it let Navi into A site. But I can't fault him, pit can be a tricky spot. He made up for it in OT, regardless.
Considering how bad his holds were in regulation I was like, "this is going to be another OT..." and then he 3K'd.
Evil Geniuses vs Astralis
EG might literally have the worst CT side cohesion of any team in the Top20. It's fucking absurd how terrible their CT sides can be.
mousesports vs Complexity
Really if you look at his performances against European teams prior to this he wasn't very good either (except one tournament, I think). He's a great player in Australia but that's a very irrelevant b...
Thorin rekt Skadoodle
You need to understand how to read: I literally said he knew. Of COURSE he knew they were throwing. Explain how you're going to prevent it 4 v 1. Get some common sense. Also, why would he notify anyon...
Twistzz has changed mouse.
It's ugly as fuck but it's a solid lightweight mouse. Who gives a fuck?
Thorin rekt Skadoodle
You should actually listen to that Steel interview with Richard Lewis. He actually goes over why he took up the AWP instead of Skadoodle, it just happened to be that particular game when they decided ...
Thorin rekt Skadoodle
Yeah, you know, funny that: What's funny about this in context, by the way, is that Steel was far less close to Skadoodle (evidenced by his general attitu...
sell or open bravo case
I have 3 cases worth about $600 total. I'm just too lazy to sell the pieces of shit. They'll make me a millionaire some day.
FURIA without hen1
Honda sucks. He has absolutely no gamesense. Of course they're going to struggle when they lose one of their stronger fraggers.
rip chrisj
ChristJesus will return stronk.
Terrorist caught
Who gives a shit? It's coming from literally both sides. At least it's got an actual source, unlike 99% of the drivel people post, baiting or not.
Terrorist caught
You realize it's actual news, right? 2nd from the top. I checked just to see.
ZywOo about dev1ce
He said before that he feels like device is the most complete player he's ever faced. I forget the interview but it wasn't about being humble, he clearly respects him.