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He's been playing AWP for C9 for nearly a year, when he was originally a rifler. He's readjusting, so he's not nearly as good as we was (but he was a very respectable AWP). He did this early in his ca...
C9 -auti
Dude played strict awp for a year, and then went back to rifling in a brand new team. What did anyone expect? He'll get back there.
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
He wasn't really that consistent though. It appeared that way, but a lot of the time he'd have a big game and then follow it with a relatively quiet game. It was sort of up and down with tournaments, ...
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
I mean, look, Guardian was a better pick than Olof to me. And I think he's a good player, but his biggest contribution was typically consistency. He never really felt consistent to me when it came to ...
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
I've said in previous posts that Niko had issues in big games, but until recently he was still typically a higher performer than, say, olof.
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
He has been consistently ok, but not amazing, in Faze. He wasn't the player that used to carry Navi, and hasn't been for a while.
Natus Vincere Junior vs HellRaisers
The thing is, Crush helped his previous teams at minors/majors by winning some clutches here and there, but it was always such a one-off thing. I think he's a smart player, but not a good one, and don...
-stewie2k +Brehze and liquid will be back up
Faze's issue wasn't having too many stars, it was investing in a number of stars past their prime (olof, guardian, etc.) and expecting it to pay dividends. Not that said players were bad, but they wer...
Natus Vincere Junior vs HellRaisers
As shit as the last version of HR was, the current version is honestly like 5 times worse. Did they really pick up Crush and think they'd contend against anyone? Drop Crush and Scoobyxie, and serious...
That is clearly not the best picture of the guy, but whew, he looks like he's an alcoholic there. Edit: also, holy shit the fake ass women streamers date. It's insane to me.
post your pic
Vitality with shox
He literally stepped into positions he wasn't used to playing and was calling, all things considered he did okay.
Or it could be that NAF has a kind of abrasive personality.
The Panama Canal is a big deal, so no.
Dude, it sucks. I could stomach the elitism about 1.6 vs Source, but the EU vs NA stuff is super obnoxious.