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Should I go to gym?
In your workout, you tear the muscle down, how can u build again if u don't take enough protein and fat to build again? In your next workout, you'll be tearing your proteins for energy. And not all ...
Should I go to gym?
Yes but if you eat sh*t you can lose muscle by going to gym
1.93 71kg
You need to do weight training and high calorie diet. Weight training will make you not muscular, just normal. Looking muscular takes 1-2 years at least. It doesn't happen in 1-2 months. No cardio i...
Should I go to gym?
Eating proper food is 3X times harder than going to gym and training. It's a lifestyle, not a hobby. And you should try if you want to know if you like it
1st day at the gym AMA
make sure you also have a homeworkout routine for the days you won't be able to go to gym
If NiP beat Astralis
ez so ez and dragon for me
ceh9 about G2 ?
he was the worst player of navi lol
ceh9 about G2 ?
1.6 legend LMAO
Turkey and Israel
Yes there is.It was a day that also ordered muslims to fast that day. Muslims also celebrates that day. last 3 paragraphs sums it u...
Turkey and Israel
you know islam is recognizes christians and jews because the only reason islam began was the corruption of these religions. so actually those were all the same thing in that time. so religion isnot a...
Your near death experience!
When I was working out with dumbells, right dumbell's weights just dropped off to my face and thanks to my counter strike reflexes i was able to move out before it hit me
GTX 780 in 2017?
get rekted #118
tarik is peanut brain
it'snot about TEC9 lol he's saying "Why he'snot blind?" You can clearly see that the guy has already turned his face to wall and turned back after hearing the flash
ceh9 ( a famous youtuber) now that's a meme