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china and india
no proofs of what? corona being bio weapon? there might not be any but like is said, its just a speculation which many people across the world believe in. sorry, I can post just 5 comments per day. ...
china and india
It has backfired, dummy. Also, the corona part is just a speculation but the rest of my comment is completely factual
china and india
How can we work with a country which is a bully? They are expansionist commie cuntry. They are building artificial islands in oceans, claiming territories of neighboring countries, using biological we...
Indian Here , AMA
In India maximum muslims are RIGHT WING even so called left wing muslims. You WILL see right wing hindus allow and support muslims to do namaz in temples, You WILL NEVER see liberal muslims asking h...
Indian Here , AMA
NT Abdul
Pakistani here, AMA
Why are a lot of Pakistanis obsessed with the fanatic idea of GhazwaEHind? (i.e. holy raid of India as per Islamic scriptures - Hadiths) When ghazwa e hind is already complete because Pakistan is alr...
your country history
Persian history and ancient Zoroastrian (now almost extinct) religion both were great. Time you reclaim those. As an Indian, we still think of Iran(Persia) as peaceful Zoroastrian people as there a...
what is your contry's worst thing?
radical muslims & far leftists
Why racist?
Countries you would annex if you were leader?
Lmao, your dad might be working for an Indian boss.
Countries you would annex if you were leader?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military Germany rank 18 India rank 5. Ukraine maybe 100 lmao