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2 deranks in a day
Deranking twice in shooters = yikes. Imagine playing a game like dota or smite where you actually have to know stuff just to be average.
fake alien invasion?
U new bro ? In 2012 there was a big conference witth over 40 countries releasing their UFO files. Time to check it out and be amazed.
fake alien invasion?
It's bin going on since the 1940's bro and possibly much longer. Not only in the USA as some people here claim but literally in every continent. In 2012 there was a conference with over 40 countries r...
Netflix worth it?
If u think that's bad, never come live here in Belgium. Highest among Europe and the world. We pay house property taxes to 3 different zones here in Belgium (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia). So 3 t...
Netflix worth it?
Got netflix, disney and bunch of TV packages and I think it's worth it.
-dexter +chrisJ
Nah , chris had a few good years in the beginning of csgo. He's an old fart now and as we all know old farts will get removed.
netherlands or holland
Nah Belgium as my flag suggests.
netherlands or holland
Nah, close to Dutch border tho, 15 min drive and I'm in Weert (NL)
netherlands or holland
When my fiancee is annoying I ask her: waarom heb ik ooit een Hollander gevraagd om met mij te trouwen ? :d (= why did I ever ask a dutchie to marry me?).
Will India become one of the world's superpowers?
Ofcourse yes. Any country that has a space program will sooner or later be a superpower. As soon as space mining kicks off, countries without a space program will fall behind very quickly.
My friend crashed the night here and has only 5000€ BTC and went 500€ up during the night. Thinking about buying some too.
apex in the past year
I wanna upload photo's of my fiancee, house and car so hard right right now. Just like I said.. your typical lefty.. starts the debate, gets talked down to zero in seconds and starts insulting. Hav...