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Turkey has better military power than germany?
Turkey supports funds and delivers them in Europe .
Racist family
my family is not racist. We have a black man to our family tree. He is still hanging
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Turkey not only has intention to intervene Syria but to anexx Syrian land. Thats why is flooded with Turkish Lira and Turkish electricity . only in Euphrates Shield lost 18 M60,3 Leopard,5 ACV, In to...
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bruh, only a few countries can produce jet engines and they don't sell out know how. Turkey is not in them .Rolls Royce was partner in TFX and withdraw . Braziw makes some stuff but i generally agre...
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russia is superior in war readiness,dogma and hybrid warfare. They over runed Georgia, took ''half'' Ukraine without firing a bullet . They rule Syria with same way and they will do that in Libya . ...
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Abrams is battle proven tank with many upgrades. They have 80 mirage and delta winged planes are superior in dog fights. There is no chance you will have 5 gen jet and in 2025... You cant produce eng...
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Egypt has 1350 M1 Abrams, Only these 80 Mirage 2000-5 they have are way superior that your F16 .
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the only countries that can fully mobilized for full scale war are USA,RUSSIA,ISRAEL . All other countries on your lists are just numbers .
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Russia is way superior than China in hybrid warfare , Also in fighting readiness . Turkey has no answer for any French weapons and systems .Get serious .
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Egypt is using 1950 systems? lol . Just Google which systems has Egypt bought last years
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yea Jermans make tanks 90 years but a copy of Korean tank will be better and stronger. Altay program is economical scandal. If you were in a normal democratic country all engaged politicians/businessm...
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Altay project is a black hole for tax payers money. Even if it come for mass production nobody except Pakistan will buy it with such price.
Taking "white privilege" too far
like floyd