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European election - who will you vote for?
Kemalists are worse nationalists by islamists.
capitalism, socialism or communism
its funny how brainwashed kids who never lived in a 'socialist paradise' ,want communist regime. How you all would feel if one day secret police came in your house, seize your products,land,livestoc...
The Suicide of Europe | Is he right?
guys karma is a bitch. Deal with it.
The Suicide of Europe | Is he right?
my country bankrupt in order to save your banks. Unfortunately Tsipras had no balls to blow Deutsche Bank in the air
The Suicide of Europe | Is he right?
EU will collapse fore sure, because Brussels bureaucrats and Germany care only about their banks
Notre Dame!!
nt they will rebuild it with minaret over the top .
cant wait for Erdogans economical program.
They played hunter-gatherer but they were fine ,they had food and their environment was clean. Now they play gold digger,miner and recycler for 5-10$ gold/mats/minerals, polluting everything around an...
colonisation not only made Africa retarded af but also it ensured that they will never become advanced.
that never happened cuz colonialists ensured that will never happen :D
by the time he grabbed 100 mil by the clown fiesta fight ,he was done.
Serbia, come here.
which yahoodi families supported Hitler? i didnt knew that. I agree with the rest. Do you believe that turkish economy will collapse? I hear that depression started over there.
Serbia, come here.
tell me a few examples of historical propaganda and please elaborate with your last sentence.
Serbia, come here.
typical turk > calls genocide the slaughter of 8.000 muslims > calls war casualties the annihilation of about 650.000 native Greeks, 300.000 Assyrians and 1.3 million Armenians
Serbia, come here.
what did you expect lad? kisses and hugs? Time cant wash away sheer brutality and crime just as it cant wash away friendly feelings and appreciation . Everything is transferred through generations.