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Reverse racism
They have enslaved themselves (they still do), does this mean that blacks are racist to blacks?
23 yo german police lt
I think that’s not what he meant. I have pretty much the same fear, and I don’t regret things I tried and failed. I regret about stuff I didn’t do because of my laziness, fears or w/e.
23 yo german police lt
No way. You would have been paid better than that, even if you lived in some shithole like Russia... Ever consider moving?
BEST city you've ever been to
Yeah, it feels like breathing in some kind of rust.
BEST city you've ever been to
I wish I could visit Europe, but it’s so far away. Speaking of the ones I have visited, I really liked Beijing and Hong Kong.
M Garrix song
Thank god it is, however the world is now infested with new plague which is new school “rap”...
I can relate as a cloud core user... :\
That's because the thread name is "worst city you've been to". People don't usually go to African shitholes, you know...
Danish "London" School
Idk, it is believed that vodka enhances your English profiecency.
Danish "London" School
Russians learn it from the second grade too lol
Connor couldn't do shit, because he was too cocky, thinking that he would come back and fight against a champion after 2 years. Fuck Connor, he does not deserve a rematch. Looking forward to watch Fer...
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
Russians play on Japanese servers with Japs and Koreans. Chinise mostly play on their own servers.
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
How do they get in and why? I actually saw 2 blacks in Xiamen, that was something i least expected lol.
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
retard alert
feminist soyboy kicks pro-life woman
Look at Africa, those gorilla iq motherfuckers breed like rabbits, and then beg for help, because they are too stupid to realize that they can not feed everyone they gave birth to. Something similar w...