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I feel like the talent is too split up for any of these teams to do any international damage or have any dominance over each other like Tyloo once did over cyberzen. Loveyy is 28 years old and kars...
fisker ahl Filur ScreaM SpawN
First time as an IGL, first professional team, not a native english speaker, been on the team for 2 weeks. The problem is they just formed and are already on the circuit. They need to take a month ...
Best team ever ?
Yeah theres no right or wrong answers for dreamteams as its all hypothetical anyway. Fallen can easily fit into any dream team and Snax is another one that can hit godtier level at any time.
Best team ever ?
NiKo was IGL for mouz and shox is current IGL for G2. That lineup is godtier
Water question(Hard)
Even polak can solve this... make it tough next time
elige wanted to join optic
This is a recent interview with the owner of optic, they might also talk about it in here :
elige wanted to join optic
It was in one of Thorins youtube videos 2 months ago. I think it was moses who said it after talking to stanislaw on the move.
elige wanted to join optic
It was said he left because Optic wanted him and all the players to do a certain amount of streaming/social network stuff every month and stan got tired of it. Liquid said that if he plays with them h...
Pimp new team
Stats is stats bro, the facts dont lie.
mousesports vs SFTO
damn son.
device new GF
Because HLTV speaks truth and she cant handle the truth. Look at who she is trying to date.. she is fucking her way through all the pros just so she can boost her own name and make money off horny vir...
My MOTHER was a tailor
Yes but which version is best
Gambit's issue
Dosia AdreN and Zeus are all about to hit 30 or already have. Time to give it up bois
Mein Kampf
My Struggle. The greatest book ever written.