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Over priced lans
They pay money for the venue, they pay to other people who will work there BEFORE/DURING and AFTER the event... People setting up the computers, networks, cleaning, shoutcaster or whatever. Unless the...
Twist to Nip
he prefers tier1 and tier2 players :DDD
ban russsia
cyka blyat
Csgo toxic
Yeah, try it... two things could happen either you'll find new mates or you'll add a bunch of people to your friend list who you'll never chat/play with, so in a while you can just delete them again. ...
Habits in CSGO
On inferno as T, when my team tries to play B/mid... I just sit in T house camping, watching/reading stuff on my tablet and if a CT pushes house just kill him... I love it! They always rage and go *Wh...
This is the reason, why I have hard time cheering up for them constantly. Every time I start to follow them more seriously, they start losing the stupidest games ever. Just inconsistent, I guess
Csgo toxic
Like sometimes you will add people as friends, but they won't play with you after that... but even if only 1 from every 5 guys starts playing with you... in few weeks you'll have many people to play w...
The only tier3 players I see in that match, are Swedish.... LOOOOL
Csgo toxic
yeah, i wasn't talking directly to you, but in general. just send friend invites to more friendly people you meet ingame, so you always have people online :]
Csgo toxic
Also I get it that you guys don't have anyone irl to hang out with, cause you are awkward as fak... but is it really so hard to find 4 other players with whom to play mm so you don't encounter toxic p...
Csgo toxic
are you implying that guys from western eu or na are not toxic... the whole community is full with toxic people.
Logic behind stewie2k
crumble under pressure... bullshit He will be playing a fucking video game and I bet that's what he has been doing with the majority of his time in the past few years. Not like he will be forced...
For people who play with laptops
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