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If you reading this you've clearly been triggered!
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Girl wants to sex!
you sound mad, prob a virgin who wants to find THE ONE! haha
Girl wants to sex!
fuck her right in the pussy, stop overthinking it, woman are nothing more than cum dumpsters, treat her that way and you'll just get the job done
Boxing eggs at Tesco doesn't count pal
Sex Education - Netflix
masterbating has nothing to do with being a virgin you virgin
Sex Education - Netflix
you cant be anymore of a virgin than a virgin you fucking spastic
Sex Education - Netflix
That doesn't make any sense
How To Start Gym?
who says u need to talk to anybody? put your headphones in and go train plenty of videos online on what to do, could even watch a vid whilst in the gym everybody starts somewhere, even arnie
[+18] Girls' signals
she wants to pour scolding hot water over your cock, let her
washed up players
you really are a dumb fuck
50 € steam
buy a skin worth $50 sell it on bitskins for real cash go do something with it and your life
Here comes the choke
probably upto her guts in nuts right now
Life after death
maybe so, although you would have absolutely no conscious of it
Life after death
you have to be thick as fuck to believe anything is after death, we are just bags of blood and bone, nothing more nothing less, here by chance and evolution, get over it
ppl that workout come here
losing weight is all about eating less calories than you eat gaining muscle is about breaking down your muscles (heavy weight exercise) and eating protein to burn fat and gain muscle at the same tim...