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"dota/LoL is more intersting to watch then cs"
700k viewers with half idling for drops = gaem alive Kappa
TobiWan to cast csgo
yeahh....casters usually cast the games they play...
ayy LAMO@
favorite subreddit?
montE so bad wtf
lol mt had so many good moments. So many entry frags and clutches.... get a clue
MiniMoe talks life with Dazed
only reason leith is relevant is because he's moes brother pfft
What serials you are looking now?
Boardwalk Empire The Originals The Tomorrow People TBBT True Blood
Needs more rizc (Kappa)
TaZ - US him last gaming
Future taz ;{
Na`Vi vs. Alliance
Good to see Alliance lose. Bulldog playing Furion 3 out of the 4 games again just like before the TI3 final. Only plays 4 heroes
Prepare, dota2 fanboys !
Quality > Quantity... I think of LoL like Justin Bieber... no quality yet all the 12 yr olds listen to him.. same applies for LoL huehuehue
Dota2 - The International Championships
http://www.destructoid.com/league-of-legends-has-32-million-monthly-active-players-236618.phtml This was in 2012... 32 million monthly active... that was in 2012 and I'd imagine now its even more!...
Dota2 - The International Championships
Amazing to see that dota2 has 5 million unique players and gets like 600k + viewers today whereas League of Legends has like 80 million players and gets only such a little percentage of their playerba...
Dota2 - The International Championships
That's dumb then because obviously dota2 spectators are split into 2 seperate viewer numbers because dota2 HAS THE OPTION to watch ingame. Counting half of The international viewers (twitch) only vs u...