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-viewmodel: classic
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i7 or ryzen
Couldn't be more right as far as gaming goes the combo intel+nvidia is impecabble as easy as that...
what a Gangster you are THE MAN!
Should optic be allowed in NA ESL
I legit think it doesn't matter as long as the optic roster actually resides in NA, if that won't be the case then have their EU players stay in europe ship mixwell back to spain and compete in EU EPL...
Apex has been underperforming quite a lot if you think of his runs with EnvyUs when they first formed and Titan back in the day, those performances to what he does now on a daily are simply too much t...
CONFIRMED post shuffle NA rosters 100% (insider info)
So say what you're saying is true then C9 will give tarik and RUSH back? If so how is C9 exactly gonna look like?
indeed she is in extremely good shape also a mother of 2 I think? To see that after motherhood and the passing of years and yet she can retain that body and that face is nothing short of amazing... gr...
why do people start smoking?
In 2017 I never thought there were kids out there thinking tobacco cigarettes are cool still... Matter of fact I have seen less people smoke cigs nowadays than what I used to notice when I was a kid
Lowel: shittiest org to ever play for(mousesports)
obviously fake account player like him will not be dropping N bombs and saying fuck you to everyone for no reason... cmon now besides 30 followers xDD
NiP rooster
It's part of being inside military forces there's a code inside of the armed forces and if a superior asks you to do something you have to listen and execute that order to your best of abilites no que...
NiP rooster
No you can't... Ever heard of rules? They exist and they apply to both chess and CS stop embarrassing your country with stupid comments, swedes are supposed to be highly educated but you clearly ar...
Fragadelphia WTF???
when ignorance takes over... twitch chat spammers like OP spawn!
Decent games to watch
I mean same can be said about train yet every team plays it in every tournament, map has been redone like 4 times already since its source port debut in early CSGO and they can't still get it right...
I literally couldn't understand what was going on help?
20 is exactly the number of teams in Premier in NA and in Pro league I think 14, so for them to be top20 they'd need to be among the top 5 of premier by the end of this coming season xD
JOHNATAN E. is ruining HLTV
^^ doesn't get any more true than this