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Forum posts
WW3 safe place
wat du hek?
Fuck Stewie2K
I mean on a side note C9 seem to be doing very well without him but again we gotta think about Ska no longer playing with them either so yeah feelsbad. I hope they secure JDM and stay on top.
Mutual appreciation thread
Ummm have a nice day everyone and eat muffins <3
Worst major ever?
If you could choose a fictional world to spend 1 week
J.R.Tolkien's Universe anyone? Lord of the Rings? only me? ok... :(
Most hated person in your country (not politician)
Jake Paul
Need Anime
Neon Genesis Evangelion deep af and very gritty and dark another good option would be Elfen Lied Amazing storytelling you say? With potential of getting you in the feelz? Then Steins Gate
Clara-girl streaming
Thing is you are comparing a square with a triangle here, in your scenario if the person is your friend for a long time and out of nowhere fucks up big time where you feel he damaged the friendship yo...
Clara-girl streaming
He is dumb as a bag of rocks don't try to knock sense into someone that doesn't have any to begin with.
Clara-girl streaming
1. I wouldn't be friends with someone that plays the same game as I do and has no respect for the integrity of the game so on that note I don't know why I should befriend an online person that isn't l...
Clara-girl streaming
" You are giving me more air to breath, you nerds are wasting your air so kill yourselves that'll give more for me"- Clara 2017. Then she questions how she damages gamergirls' image LOL stupidity is ...
Clara-girl streaming
Oh shit boys she giving psychology lessons now...
Clara-girl streaming
LMAO the bloominator reference is strongAF PapaBless
Clara-girl streaming
Nah you're delusional, people that straight up dig competition don't cheat better yet we can actually have fun without messing with everyone else's game like that. The fact you need to excuse cheating...
CSSUMMIT 2017 was the best torunament ever
I'd like to watch a CSSummit 2018 as well