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Respect Zeus
Someone has repressed the memories of Gambit vs Astralis in Poland last year
The most swaggiest player in CSGO?
I don't think you understood my post. I was agreeing with you
The most swaggiest player in CSGO?
He's up there for sure. But he isn't on a team right now and I don't think he'll go back
Why is calling coldzera monkey racist?
Because slaves in America were called monkeys back in the 1800s by white people and their slave masters. It's a bit like calling them the N word. It's meant to degrade and oppress. Many Europeans d...
The most swaggiest player in CSGO?
I swear I mean this in the most non-meme'ish way but it really is FNS. He keeps himself groomed and has a good sense of style for a dude. NiKo and cold are pretty swaggy too though.
Why Ropz is GOAT:
LOL. In all seriousness, ropz will be the best player in the world at some point. Zywo0 right behind him
Why MiBR should disband
lol wins Major MVP in January and by November he's trash. Never change HLTV forums.
NA destroyed br scene
Waiting for the "Don't forget FNS destroying IMT and that whole lineup"
MIBR TrK and kscerato?
I'd bring chelo in along with steel from Luminosity
Just concede and say you used the wrong word. Stop fighting. It wasn't buffed. Just made much more viable. No need to be proud
Best rapper
I'm American of Dominican descent
Best rapper
There is nothing overrated about Nas. He's a legend for a reason
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Why are you wasting time typing? Shut the fuck up already. The convo has been over for a while now.
I am calling you names because you're an idiot who thinks he knows what he's talking about and doesn't. Shut the fuck up already.