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STEAMSTATS - a closer look for CS:GO
ROFL this was golden! EPIC SHIT right here hahahaha! Another day, another cadret user proved wrong... Looks like they are not really that smart after all haha! sup Dumpster?
Of course not, you are deluded. I wouldn't happen, even if GO was a good game... Its a different era... completly different generations. When 1.6 exploded, there was no tablets, consoles didn't pro...
don't be that guy, its obviously not to be taken like that... by your logic, calling someone "a retard" would be equaly bad, because retarded people are somehow deficient, sometimes from birth, and t...
CSGO stats reach 1.6
1.6 had 50,000 total viewers in ESWC 2011 (HLTV + streams) evidence: bye!
1.6 > GO????
Let me jump here, and tell you this. No, you are not dealing with the facts, if you were, you would have never call 18K a good number for an ESWC, never, specialy when GO got a serious boost from bei...
1.6 > GO????
You are right, and its funny that even making CS:GO free to play, boosting the concurrent in-game player numbers from 18K to 50K daily, wasn't enough to achieve a descent viewer number. The logic ...
1.6 > GO????
Good thread. 1.6 was the real thing in the counter strike genre.
rhyming tred
Richard Lehis?
Lurppis wins, hands down. I remember when this Richard guy interviewed Lurppis about 1.6 and CS:GO and Lurppis just schooled him big time, Lurppis told him the problem with sponsors wasn't really abou...
WTF? Richard Lehis?!?!
That guy is the most butthurted person I have ever seen in my life. CS:GO and 1.6 #1 website is the best site in my favorite list, for sure. Love this site!
gAuLeS ruined BR
Vote system? Are you serious? Thats stupid
gAuLeS ruined BR
+1 what a way of wasting money... why don't they donate it to the kids in africa for example? They don't even need to go that far, Im sure there are plently of people needing help in Brazil, and they ...