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Virtus.pro vs expert
and then? it was fluke I remember after they won, Taz said that they are number 1, what already is sign something gone to their heads
Virtus.pro vs expert
they more like ended when they throw/lost that big grand final in Major vs Astralis it was only downhill from that point
Natus Vincere vs eUnited
wasnt he signed too late for IEM? IEM teams were known for a while and ESL is quite stricted when it comes to rosters
but you have never seen naked woman or you have never get boner when seeing naked woman?
NiP vs Heroic
yea, they aggro on yard especially es3tag or es3tag + jugi was always well played they just should work on yard control like that on t side
Astralis killed VP
big salaried killed them everytime they are on AGAiN, they perform
2 subs = 1 shot
keylogger, lost my wallet, car and dog
Liquid vs AVANGAR
james from 3 to 30, then to 8, talk about inconsistency :D
Liquid vs AVANGAR
ye, wondering why they couldnt bring him for this major only like sk do with felps, but I guess zews is so arrogant
Liquid vs AVANGAR
imagine + next 2 cis teams for next minor, since cis have 2 cis qual slots
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
the worst about jdm is that, if he has not awp he is useless a bit
Cloud9 vs Envy
yep, also their calls are so bad
Natus Vincere vs Quantum Bellator Fire
mousesports vs FaZe
ye, he had like 3 chances to shot in the back, at b apart., mid, and t spawn ramp the guy who was throwing smoke lul
mousesports vs FaZe
Faze to buyout Sunny inc.