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Made the HLTV Chat chrome extension. Download here:

Leading developer of
Played cs since 1999 sep. v 7.1 - The long way baby!

Bachelor degree in web development and Danish business entrepreneur.
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i guess ur job irl
1. Denmark 2. 30 3. Grilled Tandoori Chicken Cheese Naan 4. 5k+ 5. 40
When did you start using Hltv?
Started when it was just a IRC Channel ;)
HLTV Chat impersonators
Just checked the logs, and it seems like JoseMou/13/Rinho is having a lot of fun doing this. Hmmm.
Astralis vs North
The battle of Denmark.
i rate your job
To me having a degree is almost a non-factor. I don't really care if you were taught by youtube, yourself or some fancy school. I have had my fair share of job interviews as employer and to me person...
why im banned in hltv
If this is not your user, or you feel your ban is unwarranted, gather up your evidence and email If you do so, include the following ban id: 102819 and username: Kyoto_csgo
i rate your job
Developing skills is not everything. I do a lot of meetings and concept/project planning.
i rate your job
I would rather not. Sorry ;=)
i rate your job
Web developer 6800 EUR Denmark
thanks valve for listening to us finally
If vertigo is removed i'm legit uninstalling :D
Empty trade offer - accept or not?
Well, obviously if you are living under a bridge have have 3 starving kids it would be something different.
Empty trade offer - accept or not?
Depends on who you want to be. Personally i would never accept it.
astralis new 5th
Well, not that there is anything to it, but im quite certain that the only change even remotely plausible would be swapping kjaerbye for k0nfig. This was also the content of the leaked skype logs betw...
Beach bar in central Kuala Lumpur.. That's always fun ;)
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