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Played cs since 1999 sep. v 7.1 - The long way baby!

Bachelor degree in web development and Danish business entrepreneur.
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Pick'em 200 IQ
Last time around the 3-0 pick gave more points than the advance pick
zywOo under pressure
Zywoo is insane, anyone thinking otherwise must be trolling or plain retarded
Danes come here, please :)
Aalborg, Silkeborg, Svendborg, Sønderborg, Faaborg Very good places
Xyp9x impact is a joke.
You have a point for sure
gla1ve finally busted
To think that gla1ve the leader of worlds best team who is playing on multiple different tournament PC setups, each with their own custom root AC measures and what not.. He is apparently using aim as...
BLAST system
Sorry, but direct h2h results has always been considered relevant before RD. Suck it up
Primary schools are now offering the kids to select between culture and esports for 2 hour lessons a week. This will make us even more dominant
1.)s1mple 2.)Xyp9x 3.)gla1ve
"At some point" That impact you talk about, how many event wins did that convert into ?
Favourite CSGO Player from your country
gla1ve #1
gla1ve igl, awper, entry, support , clutch. no problem
1) cant answer 2) cant answer 3) finland is not a part of scandinavia 4) dont joke with brothers
Astralis vs Liquid
Good luck guys! Winner gets a lot of money here regardless!
Danish Superteam (-Astralis)
k0nfig valde karrigan aizy jugi
Astralis vs mousesports
Lets go guys! Grand slam is the new thing.. Major wins LUL
Congratz dev1ce!
If Astralis wins ESL Finals and Intel grand slam, then there is no doubt at all. Device will be nr 1. Individual prizes such as Ballon D'or is also heavily influenced by trophies and not just goals/a...