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Played cs since 1999 sep. v 7.1 - The long way baby!

Bachelor degree in web development and Danish business entrepreneur.
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HLTV impact
Words does hurt, especially if they persist for a very long time. Doubts arise, frustrations are highlighted. I can tell you that almost all pro players check hltv on a daily basis, most will not read...
I wouldn't call a bcrypt password hash an exposed password. But i guess it sounds more dramatic
Gla1ve or karrigan
There cannot be any doubt. Gla1ve is a better fragger and also a better in-game leader...
That's actually a very underrated comment
Smooya VAC Banned?
Its a fact in my head because i know what i saw.. I didn't record it, i didn't document it, its just a very clear memory of mine.. And that's about all you'll ever hear about it..
Smooya VAC Banned?
No? There is none, and hopefully never will be.
Smooya VAC Banned?
I think all should be treated exactly the same, and i think a time frame is the solution. E.g xyp9x is a great player and person, even head of players association, and i think most would agree that ...
Smooya VAC Banned?
You are talking about 9-10 year old kids. When i had that age, the first thing i would google would be the code to infinite money in Yuri's revenge, or how to get a super car in GTA. Cheating was almo...
Smooya VAC Banned?
Where there is smoke there is fire. Listen, most skilled players have at some point cheated, its makes you a better player, and gives you another way of looking at the game. Most of today's active pr...
Official Silverstone F1 Thread
Magnussen pulling home a 9th despite Grosjean's, yet again poor driving...
Yes. You can watch the rest of ESL Cologne games there together with the chat. Enjoy emotes: *:astralis:*
Thats why you watch the English facebook stream on HLTV Chat
World cup corrupted
France was saving strats versus Denmark.
World cup corrupted
Sorry, but Croatia wont win the cup if they couldnt beat Denmark in 120min.
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