Welp. I just figured my profile is way too empty so let me introduce myself to you HLTV bois.

Hello my name is Nandu and I'm an addict. *Hello Nandu* ayy lmao. Seriously though:

My name is Nandu (yes it's my real name - and I like it), I'm originally from Palestine and moved to Berlin in June 2008. I started playing 1.6 in early 2009, even though I've been told to start playing way earlier (2005-2006), but I always thought the game wasn't really something I would like. However, I tried it and well as we can all see I'm still here. :D

I began following the professional scene a year after I started playing the game. I made the move to CSGO in its' beta phase in 2012, even though I did not like the game as much as 1.6 back then, but for me it was clearly either this or that, not both at the same time and I decided to go for CSGO, which was apparently the better decision (but it was also sad somehow).

Me as a forum moderator:
I saw a thread in which Pus (<3) said if anyone wants to help out, they should send him a message and that's what I did (January 2015). He then talked to Tgwri1s and we arranged a talk and well here I am, happy to serve. :)

I am also the captain and leader of team Palestine in The World Championships 2015 & 2016 organized by E-Frag. Cross your fingers and cheer for us!

If you got any questions, let me know and I will be more than happy to answer them. (Regarding bans, deletions of comments or just anything to my person)

Happy fragging bois!

P.S.: I'm offering a Bravo pin from ESL One Cologne 2016 for 55k. Add me on Steam for further information :)

Make sure to follow me on twitter (even though I rarely tweet haha):


Good luck, have fun!
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