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This is my last post defending the guy a little bit but I do recall rumors on forums being the primary motivation was to get his sponsored NCG team in since they already qualified, the primary motivat...
he's being investigated by a major corporation, what do you want him to do fire up the stream and say waddup guis!?
Steel comes closest for IGL competency, but following dzd throughout the years and watching his scrims its clear he was always a step ahead with anti-stratting and aggressive strats. edit; when t...
it implicates half the NA csgo scene in fact... If dazed has to be the sacrificial lamb then w/e, NA will have lost the only mind capable of European discipline and complexity either way.
MLG - best tourney in CS GO so far.
+1 :/ Seriously tournies just need to straight up remove cobblestone
MLG Aspen appreciation thread
from the casters to hiring steel as obs to the non-awkward interviews and transitions MLG is hitting all strides. Props to the organizers. edit; also never thought Thorin and Fiff would have be...
fnatic vs Dignitas
fnatic vs Dignitas
So many skins lost this tourney RIP edit, not a better personally just an observation :P
NiP vs fnatic
gg and grats
NiP vs fnatic
NiP vs fnatic
MLG Production
everything is smooth for transitions, steel's doing a good job for obs, no complaints rly
dazed should just go back to torqued and the team is possibly instantly t1 NA
The ptr Prophecy is happening...
Are you serious? http://play.esea.net/users/207299?tab=history I've been watching this kid since he was in open and has like a career range of 9-11 rws. BTW check the season 12 stats. I don't k...
fnatic vs LDLC
so many sick rounds shaping up to be an insta classic edit or maybe not ldlc looks angry