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+30 ??????????????????????????????????????????????
all those tier 1-2 team players are already a millioners and have enough money to live without any problems for the next 20+ years
windows 7 one love
W7 is the best OS i have ever used but then W10 coming in sry w7 fangirls
windows 7 one love
+1 people are so stupid cant see difference between w7 and w10
windows 7 one love
dunno man , these arent really that problem for me as you saying never had any problems with w10 so far fps limit works as it should and it's nothing to do with OS I like w7 aswell but tried w10 with...
windows 7 one love
After you get used to w10 you will never come back to w7 lmao. The rest of windows are garbage just like you , sorry. W10 with startmenuisback is one love <3
windows 7 one love
+1 both points are true
Most overrated player by fucking far
S1mple aka "Team destroyer"
ofc they will play iit only for money as they can but still you didnt get the point
S1mple aka "Team destroyer"
the game is not about only frags,ratings when you have shit russian piece of shit toxic player in your team , you dont want to play this game anymore this is how it works
+18 HOTtest actresse?
Daddario 4 sure you cant be serious choosing the rest
ZywoO theory !!!
Não Tem Como vs Windigo
easiest 3odds
oskar cap?
So damn retarded people nowadays. Cant even do single reasearch holy fuck Grow up
oskar cap?
was that so hard to search it on google ?
[+16] R8 female athlete 10/10