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PC Monitor - which one?
cmon dude, i write "I'm looking for good budget PC Monitor, not only for CSGO/BF1.." I playing Witcher 3, DiRT Rally and something other games.
PC Monitor - which one?
maybe year or half year later, i buy 144 hz. Old LCD i give my parents, they only need for web browsing, and second one i will use for watching streams etc. But which one will be better heh, IPS or...
PC Monitor - which one?
yeah i know, but 1680x1050 max resolution ;p Budget 1920x1080, always will be better than this one.
PC Monitor - which one?
it's temporary solution, i spend a lot of money for new PC, graphics have only digital ports, but i have old LCD with VGA (d-sub) port, i must buy new one with hdmi/displayport.
I need your help! Monitor
Helpful as always..
minimovie ^.-
ACE dust2 - rate, if you like :P
Ops, wrong link
f0rest leaves
LAS ;3
I have better question, where is markeloff from CS 1.6 times :/
When GeT_RiGhT and f0rest starting playing CSGO as a Team ROCKSTAR... NEO and G5 still playing CS 1.6 as ESC Gaming. After this, G5 have long break in CS and they're decided to return to the active ...
Best mix of Vexed and Lounge players?
Hyper peet rallen Furlan GruBy
Ex6TenZ mad cuz bad?!
Ex6TenZ mad cuz bad?!
KennyS and apEX are gays = UNFOLLOW ez pz Go Kevin ! Kick this gay asses :D
better than no motivation ;D Great performance by Vexed, I hope they're win this match 2:0. Close game, but I think they win. :D