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blewhis hate
richtard blewhis
blewhis hate
HLTV kings
HLTV killed cadred when they started to cover CSGO... HLTV is just superior, everybody is here, even the sAucers from cadred moved on to HLTV... just a fact.
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
well, I guess you are one of those people who won't see the big picture, no matter what. I don't care, I was actually trying to help you, but I don't think you are able to see it that way. There is no...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
The first thing that scares me, is the importance you give to an argument about NAVI in CPH games, when they were talking about your health and looks. My first tip to you is, it should be the other wa...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
sorry, but you have no point, since there are workarround for that. My sister has the same thing, and she takes hormone pills, thats it. Even without the hormone pills, you can diet and workout and st...
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
OMG game over
Richard Lehis CASTING
I hated that casting too, the guy is just not made for it. No emotion at all, bad voice for it, ARROGANT as fuck, lack knowledge of the game, very bad / boring caster. IMHO, rizC is better.
Richard Lehis CASTING
True, but he made it clear in pretty much every comment in that pieace, that he agrees with the editorial, called rizc bad at it many many times, etc... Pretty funny he does this, when he is even wors...
Richard Lewis TRANSLATED
More like HLTV 99 - 0 Cadred
STEAMSTATS - a closer look for CS:GO
epic thread haha very well made dude. enjoyed reading, hope people understood that you are being sarcastic and really humiliating those sAucers haha
This is true, I lost about 40% of my penis mass after I started playing CS:GO. I deleted it yesterday and already gain some penis mass back.
HLTV > cadred ESWC2012 coverage
Good to see that even cadtards are agreeing that beats cadred in coverage. I hope you realise that by saying that, you are basicaly saying that staff is more competent than cadred st...
sAucers helping
I know that R^ (Rudi_j) guy is betraying cadred and Richard DICK Lewis so bad... That guy is like 10x more active in these days, than cadred (cadred is dead). That is one sAucer that helps HL...
1.6 > GO????
Great thread