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Interesting subject... Does anyone know the origin of the capital "A" in the terms sAuce, sAucers, sAucism?
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
wow that was brutal the best part is... its true.
mad catz amateur organization
I remember when nix0n took care of a DreamHack event on his own, and apart from some usual 20 min delay the event was flawless. And that was some DREAMHACK, not some mad cat (WHO?) shit... people behi...
mad catz amateur organization
Serously, I remember when nix0n took care of a DreamHack event on his own, and apart from the usual 20 - 30min delays, the event was flawless. That was a DreamHack, not some mad cat (WHO?) shit... No ...
Richard Lehis CASTING
He is TERRIBLE at casting, even rizc was doing better...
COGU & Brazil - corruption
good read. Sweden is expensive. Food is about $80 per day minimum per person, no way arround that. Hotels are way more expensive than $100 per day as in your calculation. (30 days - $3K). Also, they a...
STEAMSTATS - a closer look for CS:GO
The only madboy here is you. First of all, there is no evidence of CSS having more players, Valve didn't show any evidence for that, and there wasn't an official statment, it was just people talking t...
STEAMSTATS - a closer look for CS:GO
very clever and fun read hahaha! btw, for those of you that have no clue, the OP is showing how stupid Gumpster, dAND3h and other cadred users are, by being sarcastic. The logic pointed out by the...
HLTV > cadred ESWC2012 coverage
+1 great post HLTV > cadred anyday, anytime We will never NEVER leave HLTV.org, no matter what. Thats something those sAucers failed to do with cadred, and they pretty much killed it.
1.6 > GO????
oh look, here comes my butthurt sAucer friend. sup bru
1.6 > GO????
1.6 > GO????
wait, you MAD and you sAucer? Really? I feel for you...
Viewers numbers
There could have been 100K viewers, it won't make CS:GO a good game, or superior to 1.6, bye!
Viewers numbers
Thats what we had today too. Thats reality, not what 'should' have happened.
Viewers numbers
nice faked number, is CS:GO really that bad, when you need to fake the numbers? So humiliating... 1.6 never needed that :)