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respect sAuc...
jesus, what the fuck is this? So, should we expect a sAuce revolution in this site, where sAucers will take over? Please let me know. If thats the case, I am leaving right now. I hate sAucers, not ...
"sAucers should..."
... killed in the streets ...
CSGO boring.. QUIT
GO is horrible game... Very few people (nip, valve) making a lot of money with it, and pretty much the rest of the world wasting their lifes on a failed bad game just to provide money for NIP, valve.....
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
CS:GO boring.. QUIT
Please, point out where did I say CPH was inferior due to NIP dominance? I never said that, you are just dumb as fuck. Its inferior to IEM and many other 1.6 big events, because of lower number of ...
HLTV kings
up this to torture deadred
mad catz amateur organization
10K viewers on avarage? No, I would say way below that. Just look at FACEITtv right now, it has 3K viewers, and there is at least 2 more hours of streaming today. The avarage of viewers were probab...
Richard Lehis CASTING
rizC was doing it right. He was there casting when no one was doing it. He helped csgo much more than all this other clowns. He wrote blogs about it, he interacted with the public, he was listening to...
STEAMSTATS - a closer look for CS:GO
THREAD OF THE YEAR rofl I loved how you raped those cadtards haha! fun read, good job bro
HLTV > cadred ESWC2012 coverage
To be honest, it was Richard Lewis who killed cadred, That tard is an ego maniac, fighting every other esport website there is, for the stupids reasons, so no one likes him, from vakran to fragbite t...
sAucers helping
Userid: 411772 Comments: 1 welcome sAucer! We are glad to have you here with us.
sAucers helping
Dandeh Rudi_J
sAucers helping
gkzr ashed
This brazilian TD team always failed hard in every international event, even in source. What a waste of money, I can imagine how dumb the guy putting money in this team is... He already sent this guys...