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TACO drops trophy
TACO drops trophy
in the same second as he dropped it they switched angle tho
in before xD
Best grand final ever??
Luminosity vs. fnatic at IEM Katowice 2016
Karrigan haters
47 - 85 sry, but that ratio is not good enough
why aren't feminists islamophobes?
+1 lol They think that white men in western countries are the worst patriarchs lmao. they talk so much shit about Christianity but refuse to say anything bad about Islam. i dont like any religion bu...
why aren't feminists islamophobes?
instead they're calling everyone thats warning them about this stuff for "islamophobics" lol.
S1mple ruined Navi and will leave
doesnt really matter how skillful u are if u are toxic... sooner or later ppl will get triggered and start annoy and argue about shit like ppl who starts to whine after loosing the first pistolroun...
faze choke
a 16-14 win and a OT-loss against astralis is kinda weak for tha hype
Ban Burqa WTF
"freedom of religion" will in the future be = society _free_ from religion. thats progress, NOT MORE RELIGION. gj denmark
ctrl + v in here
https://scontent.fmmx1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/22089904_10155593993158449_6770326276287227766_n.jpg?oh=9e55ab5b633f42bbadc0bc294e81bd89&oe=5A7C61DD link from fb
FaZe won't be good long term
Point 1 is most likely but faze timing is quite good considering how many teams thats in a bad shape
VP, worst slump ever. SK losing to NA-teams in BO3 and astralis was not even so much better than the old fnatic (before olof joined faze). but its so even in this game, regardless, it will be difficu...
u prolly rite