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coldzera most talented player EVER?
Its pretty interesting to look at Niko's stats too though unfortunately niko doesn't have the team or the results to back his...
yeah the player section made it two easy, so ill probably still be using the first major badge i got gold in ^_^
yeah unfortunately because valve only updates once per day, that's why all 4 teams are listed. it was the same for the other pickem challenges too
MS 3.0?
lets just say the MS3.0 inspired DA, Rival, EC. To this day i feel like only the Zowie EC series is closest in shape, but yeah for internals, it is outdated.
16:9 or 4:3 for a good reason to use 16:9
I dont know much about them but I do enjoy watching them play and been impressed with them for quite a few months now. Pretty solid team that seems to keep improving
Steelseries Rival
I used to own one before I returned it on Amazon. It's good if you have long hands because the body of the mouse is very long. Tracking is very good but I prefer my EC1-A more currently because it mat...
Microsoft 3.0
will always be my favorite mouse but had to switch to zowie EC1 because can't overclock mouse/test mode with some clients
F0rest and allu
probably ec2-a he used ec2 CL before
Microsoft 1.1 pro-players
Taz used the 3.0 for a while up until recently where it seems he switched to a Kinzu. He might b using a ZOWIE now too. Xizt after they dropped the SS sponsorship and picked up Xtrfy used 3.0 for t...
rip skins
Yeah but you have to anticipate stuff like this happening. I lost 3 acounts worth of all-ins but can't be mad :]
VP throw
VP throw
I bet on VP but I dont really care about my skins. All I want is to watch a good csgo match. I mean betting is called betting for a reason and people should know the risk and not ruin the experienc...
Hardest part: deciding the size it seems EC2 is bigger now than before. Had the original EC2 then went to EC1-eVo maybe back to EC2-A now
ptr is also their main awper right?