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Ur english level?
How do you guys even understand each other in GB? I mean Scottish is basically another language :D I remember this fun video with 2 scottish guys in elevator and laugh every time!
Your salary?
Nope. I'm pretty good Middle+ Frontend developer. It's just my company which can't afford to pay me better. If I could work with the guys which i'm actually working with on outsource directly I could ...
Your salary?
7$ per hour with average of 168 work hours per month makes up to 1176$ But also -56$ per month because of taxes. IT Developer and not fake flagging :)
Download Microsoft Word
Did you try LibreOffice?
Just hope for some mad actions on France v Belgium! Whoever wins this one should win the whole thing. Cheering for Belgium, though :)
Na'Vi Fix?
-zeus +ange1 for sure
World Cup predict
Iceland were just beautiful to watch and cheer for while Euro 2016. Will cheer for them again this time, best of luck to this energized team!
World Cup predict
Spain vs Germany in final. Not sure who will win though. But will support Belgium and Iceland. Belgium got a decent team, but never got any good results internationally.
World Cup predict
the best scenario actually but might even not come out of group because of some funny shit :D
this one
Na'Vi Fix
Na'Vi Fix
Actually flamie is the most stable player. Simple is explosive, but not stable.
find someone instead of olof and we are set to go!
where is Fitch?
is that gta quote right there?
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
It's really fun to check the head-to-head stats. Na'Vi only won online vs FaZe, meanwhile FaZe one ALL OF IT on lan. Rip Na'Vi