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Panorama fps
-scaleform removes panorama. valve should focus simply on updating vac daily and cheating issue overall . a horrible updgrade this last one :)
CS GO viewer numbers compared to other shooters
"Major" numbers are pumped, this was bigger tournament than major. PUBG is typical quickly peaking fps game and it's not really even a competitive game by its nature. Short lived rally my guess. Altou...
The problem is not astralis, in facta dominant team tend to make esports more interesting. It's that all the teams play very similar style, slow phase etc. there is no art in the game anymore. It usua...
D2 tend to offer best games in csgo. It is also closest to its 1.6 counterpart. For example 1.6 inf and nuke were much better, in csgo they are too ct heavy and too much smoke/molotov waiting games
Fnatic fix
fnatic had a good lineup but for reasons unknown they decided to switch few
Ranks currently 2nd in living standard in the world. Not that hard if you look europe in 2018 tbh :)
pikkusen pääs sulamaan tossaja. toi on paha moka pelaa overpassia nippii vastaa kaikki muut mapit käy enidei
Why would ence pick by far Nip's best map? :O
Fortnite will die
seems much like 'pokemon go' boom and bust to me :) only cs and starcraft survives infinitely----...
Best beer/alcohol
Clearly, the title of the best beer in the world goes currently to ... Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout by Toppling Goliath :) https://www.beeradvocate.com/lists/top/
CSGO is dying
cs has been around for 20 years it's going nowhere. the player count could see a graduate downhill from now on, and get slowly on a steady "regular" player based level as was the case with 1.6. and st...
FaZe vs fnatic
fnatic wins a cs tournament, all is back to normal on planet earth ;)
Katowice Hype !
starcraft tournament most interesting this time ;) starts on monday
Fnatic era or SK era
CS competitive level is currently starting to slump actually. Half of the teams are directly hitting the age wall. Astralis, g2, c9 have healthy looking age structure thus competitive. SK has 2-3 year...