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cpu+gpu 300+fps @ 1280x1024 pls?
dont forget when running fps benchmark there is massive difference running it 64 tick vs 128 tick. so when people compare their results they may not have the same launch options. dm server current pla...
Map Pool changes?
-inf -vertigo ---------- +cache +aztec/dust1
Cs is dying - shroud
cs player numbers are up almost record high still and it's the most popular esports in general in the world. Na playerbase was always around 15% of all players. Eu in general have population of 750mil...
Csgo casters
i think completely new casters required
worst final ever ?
vertigo ruins ANY machup it needs to removed from map pool, or you should at least ban all smokes and molotovs when playing it. vertigo did not work out well in 1.6 and same thing in csgo, it just doe...
original berserk is top rated anime, it is also highest rated graphic novel of all time
how valorant will beat cs go
also, probably worth mentioning that twitch 'numbers' are often misleading factor of one's real popularity
how valorant will beat cs go
cs been around 20 years and other fps contenders come and go regularly, typically short lived especially is the games are trying to mimic cs
IE 3.0 replacement
mx518 and smaller quality mice are g1 > g100s > g pro
csgo is done
adding guns or maps does not do much and can be harmful, changing meta too often is typically harmful for any esport. 1.6 didnt require new guns or maps to stay popular. the biggest issues are still w...
talent determines most of outcomes in all kinds of games from cs to chess, not practise. even musical skills or school performance is mostly talent - not practise. in cs talented players reach very ...
Gla1ve unhappy with the conditions at dreamhack
whenever there is a "bad condition" and the claim is that it effects everybody the equal this is not necessarily true, in hockey you have bad ice then certainly it is possible it would help the "worse...
ENCE interviews
Yes, he is likely to do most pr :)
ENCE interviews
actually thought immediately when they benched aleksib whos gonna do pr / interviews then? :D
it's a clown map because bomb sites get stacked with smokes and molotovs and should be replaced by mill or cache, inf should be upgraded to more like an old inf