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Gla1ve unhappy with the conditions at dreamhack
whenever there is a "bad condition" and the claim is that it effects everybody the equal this is not necessarily true, in hockey you have bad ice then certainly it is possible it would help the "worse...
ENCE interviews
Yes, he is likely to do most pr :)
ENCE interviews
actually thought immediately when they benched aleksib whos gonna do pr / interviews then? :D
it's a clown map because bomb sites get stacked with smokes and molotovs and should be replaced by mill or cache, inf should be upgraded to more like an old inf
zywoos easily the best player in the game currently nobody comes even remotely close
Astralis vs NiP
only ence can take astralis down others dont come even close :]
Vitality vs fnatic
best game this tournament so far
Tottenham vs Liverpool
hyper boring final traditional sports r losing it :)
why is CSGO dying?
all tournaments should switch back to 1.6 :]] csgo maps have really bad design, inf, nuke, mirage rly bad, and smokes slow the game too much
CSGO boring
tournaments are way too long, should be max 3-day-weekend tourneys. Better for players, organizers and spectators. Having minors etc. it just gotten ridiculous and takes away feeling of a "tournament"...
Panorama fps
-scaleform removes panorama. valve should focus simply on updating vac daily and cheating issue overall . a horrible updgrade this last one :)
CS GO viewer numbers compared to other shooters
"Major" numbers are pumped, this was bigger tournament than major. PUBG is typical quickly peaking fps game and it's not really even a competitive game by its nature. Short lived rally my guess. Altou...
The problem is not astralis, in facta dominant team tend to make esports more interesting. It's that all the teams play very similar style, slow phase etc. there is no art in the game anymore. It usua...
D2 tend to offer best games in csgo. It is also closest to its 1.6 counterpart. For example 1.6 inf and nuke were much better, in csgo they are too ct heavy and too much smoke/molotov waiting games
Fnatic fix
fnatic had a good lineup but for reasons unknown they decided to switch few