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How much fps?
For sistem balance with no botlenecking you need at least GTX 970 for this CPU. Good pairs CPU-GPU you can find here:
Xizt midget pr0n
training reaction time
You cant train your reaction as a whole characteristic. You can only make it better by improving your phisical and nervous system condition. Sport, diet and even stimulants can help you. Only thin...
Game resolution didnt affect player model size and fov if you use resolutions with same ratio (e.g. 4:3).
which zowie mouse and mousepad?
I wash it in shower with soap or "fairy". Just rinse by palm. Repeat 2-3 times and thats all.
GTX 970 question
This topic is all about "3.5 GB + 512 MB is weak". But it's not compared even to full 4 GB of gtx 980. Low fps in 4k resolution and max settings in Witcher 3 is not gtx 970 problem. Even gtx 980 and 2...
GTX 970 question
GTX 980 too: Both have unplayable ~25 fps on that settnigs and resoluti...
which zowie mouse and mousepad?
I bought a4tech 500MP for 5 bucks about 8 years ago and after washing it's always looks like new one and glide is perfect. I changed 3 mice after that but pad is still with me. No even signs of wear.
GTX 970 question
It's just about lying advertising and nothing more. Card itself is OK. It's 3.5 GB GPU with 512 MB bonus that faster than RAM but slower than main memory.
GTX 970 question
Witcher 3 dont need 3.5 GB even in 4k resolution:
GTX 970 question
There is no risk at all. You only need to know that with 970 you buy videocard with 3.5 GB memory with 512 MB memory bonus that is slower than main memory but faster than RAM. 3.5 GB of memory is ...
womans xD
Well done! Smart guy.
The truth about noforcem commands
So, genius, try to put only -noforemaccel after last update wich disable rawinput by default. Surprise, accel is here! And try -noforcemparms only. Ooops! Accel is gone! Tell me please who is n...
CS 1.6 Blurry Map Textures Problem
Q3 style!
CS 1.6 is now faster
Do you tried turn vsync off in game? :)