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Video: trace vs fnatic
why are these people so mad @ you bro?
Virtus.pro to EMS One final over NiP
"Portuguese crying after everyone k1ck match" English master!!
iNsideR returns to k1ck
pls quit, this is embarassing
NBA Finals 2013. Miami Heat - San Antonio Spurs
NBA Finals 2013. Miami Heat - San Antonio Spurs
i like the Heat, but im kinda rooting for the spurs here.
NBA Finals 2013. Miami Heat - San Antonio Spurs
i have one but its portuguese :/
his yacht is pretty nice too.. but yeah that bruna marquezine, amen brother!
england might surprise you. btw, sick stuff happening in Belgium when it comes to football nowdays. u got some sick players there. congrats.
thats not the point. the point is, the brazilians when talking about neymar go straight to "he'll be the best in the world". thats the point. and so does the media. ofc the kid has a huge potential, b...
nice argument..
to me, he didnt prove anything other than he's freaking crazy :) 10 players i would much rather have on my team than Balotelli: Aguero, Ibra, Cris, Van Persie, Ribery, Robben, Benzema, Iniesta, El Sha...
obviously. david villa, zlatan, alexis etc this great players all lived in the shadow of messi. and the same will happen to Neymar. if i was a player, i'd never join Barça, never. its like they dont s...
he'll do the same thing messi did. 0. absolutely nothing.
Phantoms unveil international team
loled :D
Phantoms unveil international team
he sure is!! raped* now he's in prison, the sick bastard! oh and btw, bibby sucks man! :p kings, knicks, heat right?