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CPU + Motherboard
i5 4690k , fucking love it
Your country sterotypes
Robert Fico
i will guess your sens in game
500dpi 6/11 win 1280x1024
site to play?
aww noo. dont tell me that there is no active place to play.
gtx750ti2gb question
u dont need newest high end gpu to play go, i suggest you to buy better cpu and also i suggest you to buy external sound card since the onboard sound from realtek can cause stuff like fps drop, input ...
Meanwhile, in an average German city, so beautiful city!
I dream about world without no religion. Just science and technology
Your CSGO Stats?
i suck so much in go .
post your desktop genuine plz
400W PSU enough?
gta 5- 1024x768 low settings 70-80 fps cs:go- 800x600 all low (personal prefference settings) 150-300 fps dota 2- 70- 120 fps , 1280x1024 insurgency- 60-150 fps 1024x768 low other games, dod:s, t...
400W PSU enough?
im running 450w at, 4gb ddr3, phenom quadcore 3.40 ghz, msi 740gt 2gb.
cs isnt smooth / realtek onboard
what if i told u that it was too late
cs isnt smooth / realtek onboard
i changed whole sentence and forgot to remove this words "put your headphones"
cs isnt smooth / realtek onboard
my cs actually feels smooth now, 100 % working , eazy to headshot. It was some kind of audio lag causing games unsmooth. and yes you can "braincrhasoverthetable" but there are plenty of people that ...
cs isnt smooth / realtek onboard
i've changed the sentence and i forgot to delete this part lel :-D
cs isnt smooth / realtek onboard
Set your audio preset to HEADPHONES. if that doesnt work put it to FRONT PANEL and set it to headphones again. I have no more this problem with setup like this. A mimochomd uz druhy tyzden byvam na do...