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"ok boomer"
Boomers are much older
s1mple never changed
Boombla said in interview that he is responding for preparing tactics and the leader in team is Simple
Races should be separated
Hippo runs and swims faster than human. The only chance to beat it is bycicle. That's why you need to train.
Greta threads!!!
I dont have facebook account. You failed hard
Someone teach boomych how to pass playground on overpass
Greta threads!!!
The problem with Greta that she acts like typical preacher. We should all believe without any objection. There are three typical types of any religious cult: 1. All of us are guilty (we did nothing to...
Greta Thunberg
Angry little kid who got a tribune to spread her hate worldwide. Nothing new actually.
heart rate of 139 bad?
Its not bad only if you 50+ years old
fcking hot outside
40? Didnt feel
Boris Johnson
Arrogant and narrow-minded person. Really easy to control such people. They will spread any "truth" you want. It was obvious that some day they will put him in prime minister chair.
Chernobyl is propaganda
And still they didnt build save enough station as it must be. They saved money on building and was not prepared for a disaster
Chernobyl is propaganda
Like someone can make it better, right? Evacuate so many people and built a coffin on the reactor. Who did it else? When Fukushima happened everything was the same. A lot of mistakes and covering dosi...
Chernobyl @ HBO
It happened mostly because of Gorbachev's orders. Still Swedish gave him Nobel prize few years later
More like triple OT incoming
GOT e2 link
this a link from russian social network. just checked the link. its really episode 2