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Amanek - The new TACO?
amanek >>>>> BOTACO
Fallen killed arg hopes
Fallen killed arg hopes
Then u must have a shitty personality
Fallen killed arg hopes
Fallen is one of the most hatable figure in cs:go scene. Fallen NBK Niko Gla1ve
Your faceit kd?
welcome to my life
Vitality vs ENCE
. . . w t f
Heretics vs NiP
xms <<<<<<< twist Maka </= Nawk Nivera ~ Plopski kioshima = rez Lucky > Lekr0
What scream is waiting for?
Thx for proving u r a retard
What scream is waiting for?
France 2 major Germany 0 major Edit : actually it's so funny to see a german talk about cheat online, since your country are the biggest onliner ever with turks ; Oh and isn't turkish the 2nd nationa...
made my day <3
Look at RpK* Everybody talks about the longevity of forest. Yes it's incredible, but look at RpK. Stopped playing the game for 3 years, came back, grinded hard and had far more better result than for...
ZywOo + shox + kennyS + ScreaM+ k1o
Just bcause he chocked against na'vi he is getting a ton of shit. G2 must stay like they are ; Vitality must stay as they are and wait to see results and then make a change if things not working. Imo...
Feel bad for ESL
dude they must have an insurrance to cover this kind of situation don't worry for them financially. The impact will be minimal, but in term of image, they were betting all on Kato to hype ESL back. Bu...