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CS 1.6 player since 2005, have also been playing other games competitively such as COD4 promod and now CS:GO

Sensitivity: 800dpi, 1.73 ingame sens, 6/11 windows (default), MarkC mouse fix, m_rawinput 1, noforcecmds

CS:GO Cfg and autoexec:

CS 1.6 Cfg and usercfg:

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FIGHT ME wonnered
Jump-Bug showcase & Tutorial (ft. Blasdfa)
CSGO Jackpot site
newer jackpot sites like these are easier to win money on, already put skins into a few pots.
CSGO Jackpot site
made a fortune
LGB vs Epiphany Bolt
ez epi
S1mple mad though F3 wins?!
will urn reel moni
Drake 2003 vs seven 2007
drake >
AWP Hitbox bug
the keyD vid is just that the shot didn't register because the enemy hit crouch right when the awp was fired at him. From the awpers point of view the crouching animation takes a few frames but from t...
is this cheats?
video is made by fodder, he has the same buggy video transitions such as the one on 1:03 on all his own videos (cause he fraps's them and his GPU always causes the same bug for him). His nick on HLTV ...
Finland vs Norway
RCTIC Lan is today, so majority of the good finnish teams are there and so would not be able to play today even if they had won the qualifier.
hockey sweden vs canada
"skadoodle back in 2010, with asian tards"
"I'm ska" :DD
LGB vs x6tence
rain? ayyy
climbing/kz servers
It's different but doesn't mean it's worse. Also, if you want to practice normal settings then I suggest you hop onto your own server and practice moving around. You will get used to it eventually and...
climbing/kz servers Not sure what you mean by "jumping support". Every server in CSGO kz pretty much has the stamina system disab...