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people working on CS:GO
and still is the classic CS better which was only worked on by 1 guy, epic.
IQ is not related to a community website, although on HLTV it's obvious that the intelligence and age is much lower than any other site, but anyway, IQ is more related to if you are American or Europe...
Most violent city in your country?
The capital of Terrorism, Molenbeek, followed by Schaerbeek.
Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 sensitivity?
^ lmao. Wrong x 15000000000
Why did u start to cheat
Because she didn't want to have sex twice a day anymore.
Flusha cache clearance
What's unbelievable about it? Your generation (kids born between 1990-2005) are born cheaters, 1/3 cheats. Also, I'm 28 now and have been scripting since I was 12 (starting with IRC scripts) and later...
Best drug you've done?
How cute, mommy's boy.
AliGon vs Reason
Why don't you compare a videogame to real life hockey instead, kids logic nowadays..
AliGon vs Reason
What you mean is, looks like a typical CS:GO match, based on random factors instead of skills, hence why you have these scores changing after only 30 minutes. Good luck doing back in CS 1.6 where you ...
iBP ban
Like people didn't know Steel is just like all scammers, thieves and cheaters, a pathological liar who even would fuck over his own family so others would believe him. He is sick.
C9 Adderall
Addewho? CWho? Ameriwho?
CS 1.6 movements
o look, it's another kid born after 1990 that cries because he never played a skillbased game.
Why France is the #1 country in the world?
I love german woman, I have alot of german visitors where I work as leisure manager and therefor speak to all visitors in need, damn you people have the hottest MILF's and tightest girls all wearing s...
Why France is the #1 country in the world?
That's why Forbes doesn't put Germany in the top 5... The hurrdurrism is great in that one.. Car economy? Are you talking about Scamwagen who will go bankrupt soon?
Why France is the #1 country in the world?
this bait though.. Hottest woman and men... 95% of France nowadays are muslims with moustaches including their woman. Also, North France is more poor than fucking Romania and Czech countries, filled w...