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Hardest carry of all time
zet 2006
How long have you been a hltv user?
Zeus will retire after major
There has already been a Na'vi era.
best IGL of all time
elemeNt was the best at reading the opponents. cArn the best at making a team gel. ave the best at strats. Honorable mentions to gob b, B1ad3, pronax, Zeus, gla1ve, Fallen, Threat and lurppis. Don't ...
Famous Actors from your country
Liv Ullmann?!
[Cheat?] Is this legit?
There is absolutely nothing about those clips that indicate any form of cheat. I guess that's you playing and you're trying to get views? As it's uploaded one hour ago?
Energy vs Damage Control
Hard skins, hard life.
MM ruined
Worst thing is that there are harldy any cheaters in those ranks. Cheaters don't settle for mediocrity.
CSGO is rather to european dominated
Your arguments have seen a significant improvement since your last post ;) WEG season 3 I'll give you, it lacked quite a few of the top teams (although it still had NiP, the Danes in mTw and the Fi...
CSGO is rather to european dominated
I'm lost for words.
CSGO is rather to european dominated
When wNv were wrecking everybody around the first couple of WEG tournaments and were arguably the best team in world. Or when Korean teams consistently made it to finals and semi-finals of big events ...
Map Data
These figures paint a very skewed picture of the maps or the game itself, making them appear to be balanced. Mix play with little to no communication is vastly different from proffessional play, and t...
I demand a statement from HLTV
If you actually READ the articles about the players, you might be enlightened. There's your statement.
LEM+ Attention HERE
I'm supreme with 1,3k hrs. Played CS since 1.0, but had a break between 2007 and january 2014. It's only in CS:GO that I've actually gone about getting better in a thoughtout manner. If you're M...
Top 4 anthem in your opinion?
The German anthem from the Nazi period (the Horst Wessel lied) actually has a beautiful melody. Of the current anthems, the Russian is of course the best.