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r8 ukraine girl streamer
Sexy af. 11/10
s1mple shouldn't be top 10...
yeah, says it like it's 1x1 game. he has 4 anchors, not like sk or faze.
s1mple shouldn't be top 10...
look at his other 4 teammates and then compare those 4 to other top3 teams. and shut up already after that.
S1mple position?
#3 100%! why bum[ this thread
dev1ce overrated
yeah, exactly
kennyS top 8
#8 Dev1ce or KennyS
dev1ce overrated
dev1ce is extremely overrated, he is not even best player in his team... and he wasn't even 2nd best in his team lol. but he will be in top10...
s1mple shouldn't be top 10...
and why he shouldn't? he is the best carry player in the World. he did pretty amazing things in 2017 and he is the best statistically if you look at WHOLE YEAR. he dropped 60 bombs against t1 teams of...
S1mple position?
#3 I think
S1mple #8
kennyS or Device #8
Thorin no money ?
Is there any country / human being which Polacks don't hate????? They hate Jews, Muslims, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Thooorin... And more and more. Like Wtf!?
Bitcoin crash
+1 Only scary and unexperienced pussies selling their bitcoins... smart and experienced investors buy it! cuz the whole system didn't crush already and it will only raise.
S1mple was always better I think, let's think together: S1mple >>>>> NiKo (statistics). S1mple >>>>>>>> NiKo (AWP). S1mple > NiKo (rifles/ pistols), but deagle S1mple = NiKo. S1mple >>>>> NiKo (as on...
TACO > s1mple
+1 rekt you can add a lot of stuff, for example: s1mple vs Gambit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4lhp5SawNQ
TACO > s1mple
worst bait ever