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I play LoL.
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LoL vs CS:GO
Go watch the Gamers2 mansion tour or the CLG one ;)
CSGO movement and bhop
Well that sucks, CSGO is a cool game been playing for a week now but that sucks to hear.
CSGO movement and bhop
Well yeah it's been a while.. I just found it extremely easy to bhop on KZ servers and bhopping was easy for me in 1.6 so maybe that's why i thought so. How do you bhop on MM? Or is it not possbile...
Gaming chair
Yeah, but i was wondering if there is some alternative that still does the job, since i don't have that much money. That means it's good and comfortable to use for long periods.
Sochi fail
yo bro heard of shit like exports revenue, investments and stuff you know im pretty sure less than 10% is "out of the pockets" of citizens lel
Sochi fail
[ITALIC]"nor does the countries with death penalties for gays host winter Olympics or tell the participants in it they could go to jail if coming to russia."[/ITALIC] This is not quite true. For ex...
Sochi fail
Yeah, and did you actually read the article? I don't want to say anything, but Huffington Post is not the best source out there if you want something that isn't overly biased and doesn't have sensatio...
My PC is pretty good
nope, already did this =/
Giveaway Operation Bravo Pass
How is it pay2win?
Monfilis :D
i like how you actually tried a bit and made that "L" a bit more logo-ish
1.6 made it again! LOL
maybe sad but true? :D
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