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Gaming isn't just about winning or losing , it's about passion.

Sorry mate, but this thread has been deleted. :o
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well this major sucked
should have been at least BO5. This was too ez for Astralis.
even Fifflaren got at least one :D
Petition to unban EX-iBuyPower lineup
1.) I don't care about your advice. I will support Na Vi because I am true fan. 2.) S1mple cheated in past, but based on current rules he can compete in contrast with matchfixers. Valve decided to ba...
Petition to unban EX-iBuyPower lineup
I am fan of navi for long period of time. Since OG lineup with starix, zeus, marik, senja and edzie. I dont like simple at all.
Petition to unban EX-iBuyPower lineup
yes as every cheater should
Petition to unban EX-iBuyPower lineup
I don't think they deserve to be unbanned. It is cautionary tale that matchfixing doesnt have place in esport.
sNax officialy kicked
would reply something offensive to you but that would probably mean ban for me. So I just thinking mean things about you.
Headset under 50$
Creative Soundblaster Blaze (aka old fatal1ty) cost around 20€, decent sound and mic quality. They last around 2-3years.
Should I buy this SSD?
You will get noticeable better system speed (loading times) with SSD, If you rendering more than 720p it wont help much overall as in your case your CPU and GPU are huge bottlenecks. If you will build...
NiP GeT-RighT
actually fifflaren retired as legend :D after he won major
r8 my step sister
I think, it should stay in family
I fix ur ingame name
mibr inc
ss fans hahaaaha
SS ? :d oh you meant Space Soldiers not SS :DDDD
RIGGED AF - Worst Major so far
+1. :d It was a great major. One of best from all CS finals Ive ever saw. Unfortunately for me for me as faze fan without happyedning :D But, thats life.