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fnatic vs AGO
Ma ktos pozyczyc 25 euro na holenderskiego ingbana oddam 32 eur
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
Pretty sure you are little german liar with forehand thinner than my dick. 2000+ new age generation dreamers grew up on the internet so they really belive they can just pretend to be any super hero th...
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
try not to miss the school day to play cs
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
so we did hit 1 million kid user on hltv nice. Seems above like they know cs better after 1 month :D
AdreN skill
He thinks a few thousand kids who missed the school day to go for lan torunament is important. On 1.6 we had bigger better audience then in CS "Source bis for kids" at least none wear pampers
new vp won their first match
When they play
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
Girls are actually a better Counter Strike players overall than man. Only because a simple thing like they can do manual little things better than man the only reason they dont succed on cs go scene i...
old version deathadder with best optics in the world cant buy it anymore these days.. just like you cant play a good competetive cs because valve targets new age moron kids who doesnt even realise mat...
Just shows that there is no future for human beings 2000+ generation mindset of slaves. You have a chip like a dog or a cat already?
I bought my mouse in 2009 and it still working perfectly. "It usually last for 2 years" lol are you even reading what you about to post or just new generation kid who already thinks every device from...
Back to 1.6, but where to play it?
yes my friend fastcup . net it is hilarious how since early days of csgo i kept saying that 1.6 is much better for tournaments platform wise and now at least it is still worth money have fun
vp respect thread
then the game is actually older then you lol /quit
vp respect thread
it is sure irrelevant for a 14 years old boy ... it's like if cs 1.6 is a human being fucked more girls than you