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Liquid vs Astralis
I understand when they picked him. Liquid were "too nice guys" and they needed someone to play outside of the box and disrespect sometimes the other teams, it worked out for some time. Now, everyone k...
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
well, i thing we agree :D he's a dumbfuck person. I remember on the group stage on EPL and he was giving entry on inferno for like 5 or 6 rounds in a row and still shouting to the enemy when the rest ...
Liquid vs Astralis
I think nitro, on his mind, he knows that stewie has to go. Imagine trying to giving calls when you know theres one player that is not in the same page. He feels tired as well. probably the Astralis e...
Liquid vs Astralis
Its time to put stewie back where he deserves, tier3 or 4 or faceit fpl. HE does not understand the counter strike concept and the whole thing as a team. Only plays for his ego and to make him look go...
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
Just a quick one, wouldnt you replace stewie2k ? He's doing some dumbfuck stuff every map. Plays like an idiot and alone. Does he deserve to get full sallary and the end of the month?? They are just f...
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
This is not a small sport when you have tournaments almost every week with big prize pools. We've had some cases in teams that from map to map they change the IGL.
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
1) the player could be a 6th player and be an all arround player (i am) and its not that hard. 2) The chemistry and confidence can be worked either with 5 or 6 players. 3) each team can aproach as the...
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
Maybe betwen halfs would be too much, but betwen maps would be really nice. This will bring CSGO to another lvl.
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
Agree 100%. A professional player needs to have the awareness that if he isnt playing good, should be putting on hold for 1 map, for the sake of the team. Like Guardian on the last tournaments for exa...
Subbing in CSGO Players Mid Game
Actually this a really good idea, this would bring a lot more competitive/options to the scene. Certain players perfom better in certain maps and also some players lose focus from map to map. Teams co...
Actually: -nitro -stewie +stan +cerq
how to talk to grill?
Is this a bait or actually that happens to you? Try talking about things that you both have in common and topics that you are confortable. You need self confidence (not too much because then feels lik...
When finally - s1mple?
simple missing Zeus unconciously because zeus had a hand on him whenever he was about to lose it and rage, and he actually made simple a better player and created conditions to rise. Now simple is mis...
Yes sure, One map (Vertigo) in July just when was released and probably nobody was ready to play it. Also next two maps (0.49 and 0.52) so that vertigo match is pure bs. LAN events he is only good on ...
not mad, just stating facts about "the path to PRO lvl on CSGO atm"