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accurate :D
Shaving legs is a gay thing?
Couldn't care less if it's seen as a gay thing or not. That being said, not something I'd personally do. It would look weird on me. To be honest I think it looks weird on any guy, gay or not. But it's...
Allu team
xarte has been their best player lately
why not mouz?
new navi player
Fat acceptance
those are very real concerns, occurs daily. I feel you
Is Allu actually good
This is true. I'm not here to defend any player who underperforms. allu as well as a couple of his teammates need to step up a bit. But the issue is not really them individually as it was faze just no...
lol poor mexicans moving in :D
If FaZe sign guardian
it would be a different team with guardian. it might work, might not. guardian with his A game is clearly better than allu. but allu > guardian with rifles.
If FaZe sign guardian
they should switch chrisj as well then
if allu gets kicked
good lineup on paper
how many push-ups can you do?
60. but it's difficult to compare push up results since people do them differently. I can do 90 those that don't go all the way down like I see a lot of people do
[*] helsinki
you are saying no one in poland has ever driven while drunk and killed a person? this wouldn't even be reported in most countries...
Transgender Ban
"decided to make a different career path, rather than crying victim." gj! I have yet to meet a transgender (in person or internet) who doesn't love to be a crying victim.
Transgender Ban
quite sick stuff there. read all the comments from that one poor "lady"