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cold hands while playing
I was thinking that it would be some bullshit thread about how coldzera is a cheater and move his hands in a weird way What's wrong with me
Girl advice
Never, ever, try a distance relationship, the chance to something happen with other boys is too high, since she will be needing some fucks, and if she's pretty, there will always be a lot of guys tryi...
Rank after placement matches and your current rank
Nova 4, Legendary Eagle. Spent about 400 hours @GO.
2 months? well, probably some improvement, but it gets MUCH better after 4 months or so, at that point you probably will have a full beard.
Minoxidil 5%
What kind of player are you?
None. I'd probably start a live match as always.
Cloud9 vs Keyd
When you get out of the groups in your first lan (and major) you know you got nice results. If you are saying only NA tournments, sorry.
Pro players names
brazilians gabriel fallen toledo renato nak nakano bruno elll ono (or bruno1) lincoln fnx lau bruno bit fukuda ricardo boltz prass fernando fer avarenga zqk and steel no idea
Players who you think would never cheat?
rate your CS skills
Average LEM player Velocity: 4 (I have a fucking bad "speed thinking") Tranquility: 10 (I don't get nervous at all playing a video game) Leadership: 2 (I like to play on my own, everyone knows wh...
Keyd vs eLevate
prob a run for their money, their cache isn't that good
best igl?
Rate the Country Above You
10/10 too stronk
Best Brazilian Country?
I think he meant state or smth like that, lol