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European Union
Poorland = most leechers LUL
Avangar biggest fluke
Some Russian female (Ant1ka) progamer thought like you, but Zeus rekt her like a baby. And her smiling face changed a lot after the match.
Dota 2 vs LoL
I meant that prize pools for pro players are much better than in CS:GO.
Dota 2 vs LoL
Dota 2 for low skill players? Are you sure you are not retarded? Dota 2 is 100x more paid game than CS:GO. Guess if it was easier to play Dota 2 on high level, why would CS:GO even exist?
FaZe #7
shit clan, shit fans
Russians come here
Poland is trash dude, admit it already. But Russia is indeed 3x worse.
german rap is the best?
you got the worst nickname i've ever seen.
girls smart?
So what's the problem if you say: ok I was joking too for sure *naturally laugh*
18+ Neighbour Playing Piano
Why? But anyway I'm feeling thank you
18+ Neighbour Playing Piano
She probably has too much energy. Just sex her everyday and she will sleep most of the time...
stopped reading at "niko > device" NiKo is mister 0.99 rating. How the heck can you even compare him to device?
if ChoKo will play 0.99 like he usually do then yes. ChoKe Clan will choke.
NA rank #1
it's a curse
You are just retarded troll who posted this thread to peace off some people. Main question is: why the hell would you do something like that, are you extremely happy after such threads?
It was in another game, not even in CS:GO and he was just 14-15 years old playing with his friend on some public server (cs 1.6) and ESL anti-cheat was ON. It was his mistake when he left it ON before...