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Who cares about language skills? Poroshenko was speaking good Ukrainian language, but what did it change? He was still lying robber maybe even worse than Yanukovich...
He speaks Ukrainian, but not that fluent as some people from Western Ukraine. That's one of retarded reasons why haters of Zelensky crying about him.
I personally don't care about his height and his Ukrainian language skills. I care about his position towards people / country and his true actions. Anyway I'm 100% he will be 10000x better than lia...
s1mple top-1?
FAKE AND GAY *ALERT* Even AdreN confirmed in his instagram that it's fake:
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
0 history knowledge. GTR was by far better than f0rest. fanboys were just spaming "f0rest" while GTR took all his top1-5s through these years. and also Markeloff and Neo were absolutely better at th...
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
"maybe" it means that everything is possible, but most likely we won't see anyone better.
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
i respect history, but s1mple is just kinda untouchable rn. maybe in future we will see someone better, but now he is legend and the best ever!
faze line-up is shit. dunno why you compare them to faze.
S1mple might leave Navi
Na`Vi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mibr in both versions
S1mple might leave Navi
I wouldn't even mention Brazil here... 7-1 you know dude.
Germany did great job. Well deserved. Strong and consistent football from you guys.
Ukrainians come here
How we feel? I feel happy for my russian neighbors.
s1mple explanation
ChoKo laugh thread
flag checks out bro