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fap every day
if your outcome is countable in litres and she swallows it all every day all weeks long.... maybe
fap every day
actually it is healthy british scientists discovered that we lose toxic materials too with the ejaculations
give me your country
galil skin
yeah thats a nice one tooo i used to have it but sometimes i felt like its childish a lilbit
galil skin
Im that type of global who likes to spray a lot. You cannot do that with a pistol.
galil skin
not bad but it doesnt fit to my collection + you have to find a good float (under 0.02) one
galil skin
not my type :S
Can you solve this HARD 120 IQ math problem??
swedistan boi met with elementary school what a lovely moment
What do we expect? They killed Jesus too.
emigrants comes from there into our countries in EU, so yeah, WE DO CARE
First sex
go watch some reality shows weirdo
How many language you know ?
at least you are not lying like 99% of these kids :D ohh wait.... you probably didnt understand this. :S
How many language you know ?
Magyar Engloish from Papitó London Skull Deütch especialloy 3rd Reich "wir kampfen für Hitler" kind of lankuage A0001 Spanolah muchos gracias latinos amigos Global level harosh blyat tovarish
buying condoms is easy they said...
i remember my first condom buying situation me and my best friend went to the drogerie we put some other things in the basket as well to hide what we were just looking for... the cashier was a pretty ...
Poland knows how to fix Ukraine.
I only agree if Hungary gets Upper-Hungary (almost whole Slovakia), Transilania and Vojvodina too.