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CAL Season 09 - Open 8-0 (1-1) [Alpha Division Winners *OYK* ]


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old school rap music
Possibly one of the greatest verses ever written and performed. http://youtu.be/fx1crp46Oy0
1. SpawN / HeatoN 2. Neo / f0rest 3. potti / Ksharp 4. Jungle/ zet / Solo / Markeloff / fRoD 5. GTR / trace / n0thing 6.... 7.... 8.... 9.... 10...
SLTV winners
Based on your list, Astana Dragons will be in the finals next year since they have both VP and NV players in their team. And they have been in the finals for all 4 seasons. Extrapolation.
NiP vs VeryGames
VeryScream is amazing.
Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom Movie
just wow, entire movie on how to head-snipe with a rifle.
My opinion of 1.6 - it sucks
The whole idea that graphics is a problem just goes to show that you are not really competing. Real competitive gamers will dilute their systems to optimize their fps. I remember playing quake competi...
Death Penalty
Loaded topic. Science Politics Law Philosophy Religion History all in one Subject.
My opinion of 1.6 - it sucks
Never tried GO, but if it plays anything like Source...1.6zilla >
Having said that, NEO is still my favourite. His 1.6 movement looks SogameD.
When we talk about "the greatest", Completeness and Dominance is the measuring stick. You have to be a complete player (great at all weapons, offense, defense). Dominance, meaning how you can single-...
Spawn was the first to take it to the next level, then Frod, zet, then neo, then forest, then gtr, then markeloff/Edward. If you talk about dominance over their competition at their prime, hands do...
Number 23 ?
the next number sequence is 41?
NiP vs CPH Wolves
ever since 1.6 Fnatic, there's been a lot of really good Danish players. what's going on over there? they are like the new swedes.
ScreaM vs NiP @ ESEA FINALS [ insane 4K AK-47 ]
after that i guess he finally remembers how it feels to "own" lessor opponents like it was 1.6 :)