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Metal music
until you evolve and start understanding what you were missing.
Metal music
check this:
Metal music
Ihsahn too skilled for the nubs around here to appreciate it.
overrated movies ?
by very far. Interstellar goes to shit in the last 20 long minutes. While the ending of 2001 is still today an absolute masterpiece. Ofc Kubrick doesn't explain things as if the audience were all reta...
Panorama fps
only a bit less but the problem is a 100 fps drop every 4 or 5 seconds.
The music is horrendous. Body is great though.
C9 DIED FOR THIS ? ? ? ?
Taco is the winner, must feel so good for him.
FaZe vs mousesports
True. When GuardiaN has a good game usually doesn't matter, but when you see both rain and Guardian with worse scores in a BO3 than Karrigan that's not a good sign.
s1mple vs NiKo vs cold
If you want to know in their current form right now, i'll say this: 1. AWP: s1mple (NiKo is picking the awp a lot lately and doing a great job aswell) 2. Riffles: NiKo 3. Pistols: NiKo / s1mple 4. Ai...
s1mple vs GuardiaN vs JW vs KennyS vs FalleN
Depending on the moment as their form obviously varies in time, but making some sort of an all time average I'll say this: 1. AWP: KennyS / GuardiaN 2. Pistol: s1mple / GuardiaN 3. Rifle: s1mple / JW...
Luminosity vs G2
I don't agree. I've seen him carrying hard many times when all their teammates are doing pure shit and winning maps by himself. But during all this year he has been very inconsistent.
Luminosity vs G2
Same with the previous roster but throwing ApeX in. They always needed KennyS or ApeX in carry mode to win a BO3.
Luminosity vs G2
KennyS so out of the game. The guy is too emotional. A year ago he was the best awper again for some months, but with all the shit around his team he went out of form again and never get consistent ag...
Best IGL´s of all time
c4rn, ave, potti.
[18+] Best porn models
Leah Gotti.