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Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
True. Cables, pc's, monitors, servers and stuff can be fixed and checked 10 times before the tournament start. Dunno why they don't do that, and why they don't take care about every single detail ...
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
And let the hosts and analysts talk at least...We want some intro into 2016 etc. LOL
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
I hope we'll see some event without a single delay time in this year. There's so much room for fixing everything before the tournament starts, but they're still failing over and over again.
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
Come on Savage
Cloud9 sign Stewie2k
I think C9 will be much stronger now. He's a young prospect, very versatile player and I think he's consistent also...We'll see what's gonna happen. GL C9
Mouse like 1.1a
I played cs almost 10 years on inteli 1.1a, and had the same situation like you...I needed to replace it with some newer mouse. I found out that steelseries sensei raw is the closest one in terms of e...
fnatic sign dennis; pronax out
nothing special Imo.
ah ok :/ thanks
It will increase overall pc performance right? How come that won't help me in any way? :/
Yeah, but maybe it will increase overall pc performance and allow cpu and gpu to work easier/faster, or I'm just deluded? :D
CS:GO update overhauls sound
They're changing things which were good. Don't see any point of this...Ridiculous change and very unnecesary.
Top 5 awpers imho
1.kennyS without any doubt 2. prolly GuardiaN 3. simple 4. device 5. Skadoodle/fox
MM Tweaks
1. no team damage 2. round time to 1:45 3. surrender option in every case 4. voting for overtime if 15-15 5. command for bot to drop weapon and stay in base always
Pimp: "We want to be well-rounded"
yes, skinny af his head looks bigger now he lost fat and a lot of muscle mass which is bad, hope he gains some muscles with proteins
I am so fat
you will understand everything when you get stuck in hospital