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the pianist
When these frail shadows we inhabit now have quit the stage, we'll meet and raise a glass again together. In Valhalla.
alchohol first time?
at first real oppurtunity, when i was 12. poured every type of alcohol i found in the house into a glass and drank. then i smoked some cigarettes threw up and passed out.
HLTv leftist list ?
because nazi cia is watching
Things before Islam at Power
hahahah, yeh. university = brainwashing alex jones, the express and facebook videos = legit indepth knowledge
Things before Islam at Power
nothing you say will change the fact you dont know what the fuck you're talking about. btw, corruption on the west is called lobbying.
[+18] Prague weed
yeah, you just made realize how lucky i was the last time i visited cz. i thought shit was legal, facepalm.
Things before Islam at Power
no, i'm mocking your illiteracy on the subject
Things before Islam at Power
wow epik gud analsis 10/10
[+18] Prague weed
apparently drugs are illiegal, but you can carry medium doses of pretty much anything and you won't get a criminal record.
Things before Islam at Power
iran had a democratically elected goverment in 53. their mistake was they were leftist so cia decided that was a no-go. iraq and libya had a better healthcare system than usa. etc bottom line, go r...
Things before Islam at Power
well yeah, those countries were relatively civilized, but then we bombed every one from iran in '53 to syria atm.
[+18] Prague weed
^ also, afaik most drugs are legal in recreational doses in cz
comes from latin niger
Real Terror...
you are unbearably stupid